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Featured here is our Bow Back Windsor chair, Traditional Shaker Clock, Hutch, and Asymmetrical Hourglass turned sidetable.


As the late George Nakashima illustrated, Japanese culture became infatuated with the simplicity and utility that traditional Shaker furniture offers.

"Ingersoll Cabinetmaker's work will be some of the great antiques of the 24th century."

- Ph. B, West Hartford, CT

Presenting our Tulip Base table, a statement piece for any entrance hall featuring a solid Walnut top with a reversed bevel edge and a turned sculpted base.

The custom walnut four-poster in the master bedroom was designed by Groves and executed by Ian Ingersoll Cabinetmakers. The pair of rocking chairs feature a taped step pattern using two colors.

As seen in CTC&G, January 2017

Photography by John Gruen

Featuring our tall slat-back reproductions of Shaker chairs with taped seats as well as our Flat Leg Arched Foot Trestle dining table.

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